Monday, January 28, 2013

P52 - Week 4

I know that many of you are in the midst of this cold, gray winter.  Many of you like Winter.  I've always been ambivalent about Winter, but this year has been different.  I look outside and I see dreariness.  I step outside and feel like the cold is an assault to my body.  Sunshine?? A rarity.  This week I forced myself outside to just try to enjoy the elements.  Here is what I found:'s gray.'s barren.  But as I looked closer I noticed something.  Look way up into the branches.  Do you see them?  Hiding in plain sight?  Buds!!  A little reminder to me that Winter will pass and Spring is on its way.
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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Scavenger Hunt ~ January 27, 2013

Another week of Scavenger Hunt with Ashley Sisk.  Seriously...I wonder if I would have taken my camera out this week if it weren't for Scavenger Hunt.  Cold, Frigid, Biting, it what you want but I am not enjoying this weather.  But I DID bundle up and go outside to soak up some sunshine.

I don't wear much lace.  This is about it!

Again...I'm not a blingy king of girl.  This is all the "bling" I need.

I ventured out into the cold and this is what I found.

Kiwi...I believe this is the only fuzzy food I would ever eat. Not very appetizing from the outside, but a powerhouse of Vitamin C and oh, so delicious!

I was straightening up and walked in to see this.  I just love how the fabric of the spread complements the yarn colors. Looking at it makes me feel very crafty...which I'm not!

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Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Monday, January 21, 2013

Project 52 - Week 3

Yesterday I had the honor of spending the day with my daughters and niece at a bridal show.  I have to admit...I wasn't really looking forward to going.  I've been under the weather and would have really enjoyed a day in my sweats.  But, when you have 2 daughters who want to spend time with you, you just can't say no.  It was worth it!  Saw some beautiful things....had a few good laughs (some appropriate, some inappropriate)....spent a little time with my sister, who I only see online these days, who is also involved in wedding stuff....and realized just how much work is ahead of me! Thanks for the smiles girls!

Sampling the Photo Booth

Thanks to Tamar and Gina for hosting Project 52.

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Scavenger Hunt - January 20, 2013

Bad week for me.  I spent way too much time with tissues and tea and almost zero time with my camera.  But, it's only January and I didn't want to miss a Scavenger Hunt already! I tried....I really tried.

Shopping Baskets nicely place in the proper place in the parking lot.  Why can't everyone do this?

Oh, how I hate the parking lot at the train station.  SOOO many cars.  I'm just glad I was here in the afternoon and not at the end of the work day.  It's chaos!

My Auto.  I'm very proud of myself because I had to flip it INTO Auto for this shot.  It's never there anymore :)

I didn't do much people watching this week. My days consisted mostly of work, home, and the grocery store. However I did have to head to the train station to pick my daughter up, so I toted my camera along for company.

I didn't expect to like the above photo that much, so I had already hit the archives for a "people-watching" photo.  Instead, I'm using this for Recycle as in "recycling" an old photo. This was taken 2 years ago with my point and shoot. 

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Monday, January 14, 2013

P52 week 2 (week 1 for me!)

While it's actually Project 52, it will be project 51 for me since I'm a slow starter.  Better late than never!

According to the calendar, it's winter.  According to the weather, it's spring.  According to my body, it's time to get out of the house and take advantage of the warm weather before the mercury takes a nosedive.  Time to wander with my camera, clear the fog from my brain, and appreciate the winter beauty without the winter temperatures.

I love windows! Maybe it's because I'm nosy....not knowing what's behind makes it so intriguing.  I'm not a peeping Tom :)   This is a window at a local cathedral.  I really wouldn't take a photo of someone's least not without asking first!
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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Scavenger Hunt - January 13, 2013

Welcome back to another week of winter.  I confess....I am not a winter person.  I don't like being cold, and no matter what - I am always cold! So when I saw the first prompt was "outside", I cringed a little. Happily, the weather cooperated and we had Spring-like temperatures this week.  The sun even came out! Oh happy day :)

Outside ~ I was waiting for my coffee to brew while in my normal Monday morning fog  I glanced up and witnessed this spectacular sunrise outside my window.  

Backside ~ So many possibilities here...many of which I would not want photographed or shared :)  I went with this one.  Personally, I find geese a bit scary and this is the view of them I like best...them walking AWAY from me!

Little things ~ I think somebody forgot to tell this tiny pink rose that it's Winter! What a surprise to come across this beauty while wandering one day.  Amazing little thing that made my day.

A cup of ~ My morning tea and my latest Book Club selection. 

Reflect ~  I just love these trees, and it was double the beauty with their reflections in the pond. I wish I could climb the trees and take a picture from that angle as reflected in the pond, but I don't think the park employees would have allowed it.  Besides, I couldn't walk to the other side of the pond because that is where those scary geese were.

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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Scavenger Hunt ~ January 6, 2013

I promised myself that with the new year I would return to Scavenger Hunt.  This is one resolution I haven't broken yet. (Yes...I realize that this is the first Scavenger Hunt of the new year!) The cold of winter leaves me unmotivated and unlikely to venture out into the cold, so  I'm hoping this will push me to do something besides work, come home and then hibernate.  Here's to hoping!

Breakfast - OK....this was my breakfast ONCE this week.  It was promptly followed by a cookie!

Multi-Colored - Beautiful birthday flowers.

Starts with the letter C - CANDY
I could have used this for "Breakfast", but that would have been embarassing!

Roll - Rolls of book pages from a wreath.

Future - Sometimes I think this is what I will look like in the future if it doesn't warm up around here.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcome 2013!

Happy New Year.  I'm ready for a fresh start and am starting by participating in CameraShy Take52 Photography Challenge hosted by the lovely Ingrid Kelly-Owens.

Week #1  "Celebrate"

I am "CELEBRATING" the life of my wonderful Dad who passed away right before Christmas.  Celebrating is difficult at times, but I am truly blessed to have had my wonderful Dad to teach me, inspire me, and love me for so many years.  (note - my future "niece in law" that right??.. so kindly gave us each this beautiful wine cork angel ornament as a memento!)