Sunday, January 20, 2013

Scavenger Hunt - January 20, 2013

Bad week for me.  I spent way too much time with tissues and tea and almost zero time with my camera.  But, it's only January and I didn't want to miss a Scavenger Hunt already! I tried....I really tried.

Shopping Baskets nicely place in the proper place in the parking lot.  Why can't everyone do this?

Oh, how I hate the parking lot at the train station.  SOOO many cars.  I'm just glad I was here in the afternoon and not at the end of the work day.  It's chaos!

My Auto.  I'm very proud of myself because I had to flip it INTO Auto for this shot.  It's never there anymore :)

I didn't do much people watching this week. My days consisted mostly of work, home, and the grocery store. However I did have to head to the train station to pick my daughter up, so I toted my camera along for company.

I didn't expect to like the above photo that much, so I had already hit the archives for a "people-watching" photo.  Instead, I'm using this for Recycle as in "recycling" an old photo. This was taken 2 years ago with my point and shoot. 

Thanks for stopping by! Wishing you a good, healthy week.  Off to check out your photos at


  1. That last shot was absolutely worth recycling!! And I love that you caught your gal at the train from behind!

    1. Haha....she's not "mine". Mine comes loaded down with a suitcase :)

  2. I know what you mean about the auto setting on your camera. I just learned how to use my settings and have not looked back. You have a great set of photos this week.

  3. Crazy week for me as well - minus the tissues and tea. I think you did an excellent job and your recycled picture is very worthy of recycling.

  4. The last two shots are lovely! Nice collection!

  5. I love your recycled shot! Hope you're feeling better, it sounds like you've been sick. I just looked up the prompts for this week so I'm really behind!! I haven't been on AUTO mode for a long time either!!

  6. I found this week tough! Especially with sick babies! Hope next week goes easier :) I would never have thought of the trollies at the supermarket!

  7. Those 2 last photos were so interesting because of B&W and because they were about everyday life !!!!

    Happy photo hunting !!!1

  8. Karen, I really like your people watching shot! Great composition with the gal placed on the left...and so much more interesting, to me, due to editing it on monochrome. Great job sis!

  9. I really like your people watching photo, great composition! I also really like your recycle photo.

  10. LOVE your basket shot!!!! And your people watching shot was fun too.
    Well done ;D

  11. I was sick for two days this week too. I hope you are feeling better. Your shots are wonderful and certainly don't reflect that you were sick. I love your basket shot.

    Happy week! :-)

  12. The "bug" has hit our house too. It seems everyone is low energy, inundated with sniffles, and toting kleenex. All your pics were marvelous... but I especially like the BASKET shot. Do take care... rest & fluids.

  13. sorry about the sickness, hope you feel better quickly. Love that basket shot and the old man with the balloons, better week ahead!!

  14. Colds are yucky - hope you're feeling better soon.
    I agree on shopping carts - why can't everyone just take a few extra steps........humph!
    Lovely set this week - especially love your people watching AND your recycled shot!

  15. I really like the balloon man! Even more impressive that is with a P&S!

  16. Now, that's a fun take on basket! :)

  17. Visiting from Scavenger Hunt Sunday.
    I really enjoyed your shots. I also chose to photograph a parking lot. It was the parking lot at Walmart where we were trying to find a place to park.
    Love your basket shot.

  18. Feel better soon, Karen!
    I like the B&W edit of your last photo.

    Thanks for checking out my Scavenger Hunt finds and the great comment.


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