Saturday, April 20, 2013

Scavenger Hunt - April 21, 2013

Jumping right in to Scavenger Hunt.
This is my happy place....Penn State.  Just saying "Penn State" makes me smile.  This weekend was Blue & White Weekend.  A weekend full of Spring fun....sports, carnival, fireworks (all cancelled due to torrential rain!) - which lead up to the football inter-squad scrimmage.  SNOW should NOT be a part of it!

Spring in B&W
Magnolia from my back yard.

Family or Faith
This photo is both....Family & Faith.  My Father passed away 4 months ago.  A couple of weeks ago, Mom brought down his tool boxes for us to go through in case we needed anything.  The boxes sat right where I put them, unopened.  When I finally popped open this lid, this is what I found....two items that  IMMEDIATELY make me think of my Dad....always have and always will.  A ruler and a level.  To my husband's dismay, I refuse to hang anything without using a level, and can spot differences in measurements as small as 1/16th of an inch.....Daddy's Little Girl :)     This photo is a reminder that Family is with us always, and Faith that Dad is a part of me forever.

Lion paws (Nittany Lion paws!)...they WOULD be fuzzy if they weren't sculptures.

THE place to gather for the best Grilled Stickies in the world.

Here's to hoping that the coming week is a better one than the past one.


  1. Lovely set - sorry about the snow!! I just love the pic about your dad. Though my dad's still with us i know it will be crosswords, globes and yellow #2 pencils....

  2. Love that you can see that snow in the first photo..but glad I decided to stay hom!

  3. The tools picture made me smile and reminded me of my grandfather! Love the big paw - so cool!

    ps thank you for your email - I owe you a proper response!

  4. Seems we are Pa. neighbors...I am in Hanover Pa. Very nice shots...Love the family and faith one..your Dad would be proud of sweet! I eyeball everything...LOL

  5. Great pics, I love your Dad's tools. My Dad is 85 and still with us and has tons and tons of tools. Most of them he has had since my childhood (50 years ago.)

    I love the Lions Paws. And Penn State has lots of fans these days.

  6. Karen,
    It is always interesting what we find personally attached to in terms of family and/or faith. Thank You for sharing something from your heart.

    I like your Magnolia in B&W.

    I am glad you learn something about Agriculture when visiting my blog and enjoy my cattle picts. Your comment warms my heart on this chilly morn.

  7. Love those lion's paws!
    Have a happy week!

  8. I too was moved by your family shot. For me, it was my grandfather, but ooh the memories I have. A great set.

  9. Loved your happiness shot!
    I found our family/faith shot and words very poignant.

  10. Your paws and magnolia shots make me happy.

  11. Oh, what a beautiful magnolia! Your family shot with the story is moving. My father passed away almost two years ago and I still have his old cardigan that I like to wear sometimes.

  12. Your school spirit is shining through. I know exactly how you felt when you opened your father's tool box - I get that when I pull out something I inherited after my parents passed - they are always in my thoughts and even more so on those occasions.

  13. Nice set Karen. I hope you are enjoying some of this wonderful sunshine I have here today.

  14. What a wonderful testimony to your father.

  15. Great shots - love those paws!

  16. oh... it seems your post has really opened the memory box for lots of SHS visitors. I have some very fond memories of my dad's tools... I have one of his levels (he was a brick mason). But, last night my hubs & I saw the movie, 42 (about Jackie Robinson) & hearing Jackie's cleats on the dirt brought back so many memories of my dad. It's amazing what triggers memories.

  17. Oh how fun!! Looks like a great weekend away!! Grilled stickies sound Yummy!! What a lovely treasure to have of your dad's!

  18. Great set. I think the most touching was the Family shot.
    The most interesting, Fuzzy - Those lions paws were cool looking.


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