Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January 21, 2014 ~CameraShy Week #3

Week #3 of Ingrid Owens' CameraShy Take 52 Photography Challenge brings us the prompt of "routine". 

As I was laying in bed this morning, I noticed a red glow peeking through my blinds.  I dragged myself from my warm bed, threw open thosee blinds, and this is what greeted me:
 Red sky at morning...

Now HERE is the "routine" photo:
...Sailors take warning.
The start of another snowstorm.  What a difference 3 hours can make. This snow and cold has become the routine for this Winter.  Come on, Spring!! 
If you want to join in for a year of fun, click the button below and play along!

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  1. Love how you put these two together! We're in for it too - and there was a magical red sky today!

  2. I missed sunrise but I'm glad I didn't miss your photos Karen. Hoping thing are good with you and yours.

  3. Wow that first sky shot is so beautiful. The routine shot looks so cold. I have been thankful for very little snow here this winter.

  4. Gorgeous.. We have alot of ice and so cold up here in Canada.


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