Wednesday, March 26, 2014

CameraShy - Week #12

This week's theme is SCORE.  My kids are waaaaay past their days of sporting events.  We're between seasons of my and baseball.  There is snow on the ground, so I don't expect to see any kids out practicing their sport of choice.  I guess I'll just have to share my secret addiction....Bejeweled Blitz!!

Full disclosure....I am NOT proud of the quality of this photo OR the score showing :)  Truth be told, I come from a very competitive family.  The photo is grainy, but I became consumed with playing.  It's hard to photograph yourself actively playing an electronic game!!  My goal was to capture an exploding gem.
This is a cell phone photo of my current leaderboard.  Yes...I am in SECOND and it's killing me.  However, my also competitive daughter is likewise addicted and is much better than me.  I credit her genes and the fact that she's much younger than me and, hence, has better eyesight and reaction time :)


  1. Hi Karen, well you did catch the exploding gem. A little friendly family competition never hurt anybody as far as I know. I think the key is to keep it impersonal. Enjoy your day!

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  3. I used to be SO obsessed with that game!

    1. Come back to the dark side Tamar :)


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