Thursday, March 20, 2014

March 20, 2014 ~ CameraShy

First, I have to say that this weekly challenge really can be quite a challenge!  It's forcing me to look at things around me in a different way.  This week's prompt is "Unlucky" and this is the toughest one yet.  I keep procrastinating, finally get ideas, go to post them, and find that someone else has posted a similar photo.  So, I decided to look at the word differently.

Every week I volunteer in my church's food pantry.  I started because I am recently retired and was looking for something meaningful to do.  I knew that people utilized food pantries, but I never really thought about those people.  As I started to meet our guests, I realized that all of the stereotypes in my head were completely wrong.  These are hard-working, caring people who have run into bad luck.  A job loss.  A health crisis.  A death in their family.  A divorce.  Something to tip the scale.  Simply being unlucky can change a life. 

Imagine trying to feed yourself and a family with this. 

And this.
  And this.

To sum it up, currently unlucky people depend on currently lucky people to share.  There is a flood of donations around Christmas.  But then people tend to go on with their lives and don't make a point to continue to donate.  Please....share your luck.  Find a food pantry near your home and donate some canned goods.  Your donation could turn someone's unlucky day into a lucky one.


  1. What a wonderful thing you are doing Karen. It is true, most people who need the help are the ones you would never think did. Blessings!

    1. Thanks Carol. I don't do much. There are others who do SO much more. But that is the beauty in it....every bit makes a difference to someone :)

  2. What a wonderful service you do. We call it a mitzvah - a commandment that you do with good intentions, for others. Thank you for the reminder!

  3. Great pictures and a wonderful service! That thought about the Unlucky being dependant on the lucky is so real and rather scary too. I share your thoughts about this Challenge making me think and perceive differently...always a good thing! Nicely done Karen :)


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