Sunday, April 13, 2014

CameraShy Week 14 - Peephole

For this week's photo challenge, we were sent in pursuit of a "peephole".  Sometimes, I just overthink to the point of frustration.  Yes....that was this week. 

As I searched for the elusive peephole, I photographed door peepholes, keyholes, flowers through various openings, through the openings in cans....    I just could not find anything I liked.  So I quit.   However, I DID take a lot of photos this week, so despite the fact that none of them involve a peephole in any form, I got lots of practice.  And THAT'S what this 52 week challenge is all about.
Finally, I just decided to have fun and ended up with a real, live PEEPhole!
This little PEEP is in hiding, and hoping to survive Easter without being discovered :)
Have a great week!


  1. Haha - took me a minute to find the peep - cute!

  2. Ha,ha......Karen, what a cute photo.

  3. It's a beautiful picture Karen. I guess what was more important here that you didn't give up :) That in itself is very inspiring.
    It was tough week.
    Really like the color combination in this picture.

  4. How cute! I won't give him away.


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