Wednesday, April 16, 2014

CameraShy - Week 15

Week 15 of the Take 52 Challenge for CameraShy brings us....."Classic".  So many options, but this one immediately jumped into my head!

This past weekend was spent with friends I met my freshman year of college. I hate to admit it, but that is almost 35 years ago.  One of my "youthful" friends shared with me that she recently purchased Converse All-Stars...."Chucks" as we called them growing up. 

Her college-age daughter's response was, "You must be having a mid-life crisis!"  SERIOUSLY?!  Do you think you invented these shoes? 

Tell that to my dad! Look can see those famous stars on the side of his sneakers.  Clearly, this is not a recent picture. And clearly, the above shoes are not shoes my dear old Dad would have worn.
Some points of interest for the youngsters who think they discovered this footwear:
  • Converse All Stars have been around since 1917.  Take that Adidas and Nike.
  • Wilt Chamberlain was wearing All Stars during that game when he scored 100 points.
  • In the 60s, Converse were worn by 90% of pro and college basketball players.
  • Chuck Taylor never received a commission.  Can you imagine how much money he missed out on?
  • They weren't called "Chucks" until the 70s.
  • Converse sold $450 million in Chucks in 2012.
So my dear friend, tell that whippersnapper daughter of yours that she is just emulating her elders when she slips her Chucks on.  She probably dreams of dressing just like her mother....BAHAHA!!

As for me, I'll save MY mid-life crisis for something much grander...and MUCH more expensive...if I ever get old enough!


  1. Very interesting post Karen. Our kids think we never had a childhood. I was driving with my daughter one afternoon and a song came on the radio that I knew all the words too. She looked at me in amazement. "You know the words???" Of course I do this is just a remake of a song that came out 30 years ago. You should have seen her face. We can still shock em' Karen, can't we................

    1. So funny! I do enjoy shocking, and sometimes embarrassing, my kids :)

  2. I love my chucks! Such cool facts about them.

  3. Those are super cute. I've only borrowed a pair from my daughter, haven't made my own purchase yet. We always called them Chucks too!

  4. I know it's like when Flared jeans came out. In my day we called them Bell-Bottoms. Kids just don't realize that sometimes we actually had good ideas "way back when."

  5. LOL...such a great post Karen!! Thank you for Monday morning Cheer :) LOVE the shoes!


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