Saturday, June 21, 2014

CamerShy ~ Week 24

5:00 ~ Time to kick back and relax.  Time to sit on the patio, kick up my feet, and chill. 
 Peace, Quiet, and ....... nothing else!
  Life is good.
Actually....Life is GREAT!
P.S.  I'm starting to think about this trip to Dublin the family has planned.  Any itinerary suggestions??


  1. I can give you a TON of suggestions Karen - PM me on FB and let me know when you are off and what your plans are.

  2. Great shot! Have a pleasant and memorable trip!!

  3. How fun! Ireland was my favorite place in the world! We didn't get to Dublin, we stayed on the southern side.

  4. Hey Karen, where are you?? It's been way too long between posts here. :) Hope you had a wonderful Easter. You have been missed.


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